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Bathtub and Shower Repair and Replacement near Scottdale

With Scottsdale's preferred tub and shower repair service, you can look forward to a luxurious bathing experience. We have the expertise and supplies needed to swiftly address any issues with your bathtub or shower - be it minor fixes or large scale remodeling! Upgrading an older home? Don't settle for anything less than modern luxury in bathroom fixtures; upgrade today  with our selection of brand new tubs & showers that will grant comfort as soon as they're installed.

Fixing a dripping or leaking tub spout or shower head 

Sick of the constant drip-drip coming from your shower head or tub spout? It looks like it's time for a replacement valve cartridge! Our team has all the right experience and tools to ensure that you have exactly what you need. Before we book an appointment, snap some photos - this will help us select just the perfect parts for delivering optimum performance.

Shower Head Dripping

Standing Water in the Bathtub or Shower

Standing water in your bathtub or shower is more than just a nuisance - it's an indication that you need professional drain cleaning. Our expert technicians are equipped with commercial-grade plumbing tools to remove any blockages, such as hair, mineral deposits and soap scum build up. Don't wait for the situation to worsen – call us today!

A bathtub filled with dirty water due to a clogged sewer pipe before and after cleaning th

Irregular Shower Temperature

Is your shower knob uncooperative when you try to adjust the temperature? If so, it may be time for a new cartridge in the shower valve. Our experienced technicians have all of the tools needed for successful replacement - ensuring that your hot and cold water flows properly once again! Before booking an appointment with us however, please take pictures of both sides of your handle as well as any branding or labels; this will ensure we bring along just what is necessary to replace things quickly and effectively.

Plumber hands fixing shower mixer on modern water tap..jpg

New Bathtub Installation and Replacement

Need to upgrade your bathtub? Dominick Home Services is here for you! We'll carefully remove and dispose of your existing tub, lay protective material over hard surfaces in the area, install a new unit as per manufacturer instructions with expert precision and patch any necessary drywall. Plus if it's requested we can offer product recommendations based on exact measurements taken by our team - all while keeping things extra clean during the job. Get an exceptional installation done right; Call Dominick Home Services today!

Bathroom interior with tub shower combo and window.jpg

Shower Replacement and Tub to Shower Conversion

Upgrade your bath with the highest-quality installations from our experts! Our skilled technicians will help you choose and install the perfect shower for your home - whether it's a pre-made system, tile set up or something else entirely. Get in touch today to see how we can build an enduring bathroom experience that meets every unique need.

Plumber installing a shower cabin in bathroom.jpg

Free Standing Island Tub Installation

End each day on the right note with a relaxing bubble bath in your own luxurious, freestanding tub. Dominick Home Services is here to make sure you can bask in blissful tranquility as soon as possible – we'll take precise measurements and connect all necessary water supply systems before deep cleaning the work area so that everything's ready for you!

White Bathtub

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