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Scottsdale Outlet Receptacle Replacement Services

If you live near Scottsdale Arizona and need minor electrical repairs, Dominick Home Services is just a phone call away. We safely replace electrical outlets, light switches, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures. 

Electrical Outlet Replacement

Need a new electrical outlet? Look no further than Dominick Home Services! Our professionals are highly trained to provide the highest quality installation, ensuring your home is safe from potential electric shock. Don't get left in the dark with old outlets – upgrade today and rest assured you'll have reliable power for years to come. Experience ease of mind: Contact Dominick Home Services for all your electrical outlet replacement needs!

Installing Electrical Outlet

Indoor and Outdoor GFCI Replacement

To protect yourself and your family from the potential dangers of electric shock, a GFCI outlet is an essential investment. Featuring pioneering technology, these outlets have been credited with saving countless lives since their invention! Whether it's in bathrooms or kitchens – even outdoor plug ins - safe conversions to GFCI receptacles are always just around the corner when you call on Dominick Home Services ! Take proactive steps now towards ensuring safety for tomorrow; contact us today and make sure that all areas near water features in your home remain secure against unexpected shocks.


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