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What You Need to Know About Drywall Spackel and Joint Compound

When it comes to home renovations, drywall Spackel, and joint compound are two essential tools for any project involving sheetrock. But what exactly is the difference between these two? Knowing when to use each can help you achieve a professional result in your home DIY projects. Let’s look at the differences between drywall spackel and joint compound and when each should be used.

What is Drywall Spackel?

Drywall spackel is a lightweight paste made from gypsum dust or calcium carbonate that can quickly fill small holes, cracks, and other minor imperfections in walls or ceilings. It is also known as wall putty or plaster of Paris. Unlike joint compounds, drywall spackle hardens quickly and can be sanded down within a few hours after application. This makes it ideal for quick fixes like nail holes or other minor repairs where an immediate finish is desired.

What is Joint Compound?

Joint compound, also known as mud, is a thicker material made from gypsum dust that can fill larger holes, seams, and wall gaps. It takes longer to dry than spackel (up to 24 hours). Still, its thick consistency allows it to cover more area without sagging or cracking over time. Joint compounds can also be used for taping large areas of sheetrock. While it takes longer to dry than spackel, the joint compound offers greater covering power for larger jobs like covering joints between pieces of sheetrock or filling deep gouges in walls or ceilings.

Ultimately, the choice between drywall spackel and joint compound depends on the size of your repair job. For small jobs like filling nail holes or minor imperfections in walls or ceilings, go with spackel; for bigger jobs like covering seams between sheets of sheetrock or filling deep gouges, use joint compound instead. Knowing when to use each product will help ensure that your DIY projects look professional and attractive!

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