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What Causes a Slow Bathroom Sink Drain?

You're brushing your teeth, and you notice that the water in your bathroom sink is draining slower than usual. You try running the water in other sinks, and only your sink drains slowly. What could be causing this issue? Don't worry! This blog post will help you understand why the bathroom sink drain has slowed down and how to fix it.

Clogged Drains

The most common cause of a slow bathroom sink drain is a clog. Hair, soap scum, dirt, and other debris can easily find their way into your pipes and accumulate over time until there is no longer enough space for the water to flow freely. If you cannot clear the clog using the suggestions below, call a plumbing professional who can use specialized equipment to locate and remove any blockage.

With so many products claiming to be the solution to your bathroom drain problems, it takes work to know where to begin. As a professional, I have heard countless stories of busy people wasting too much time and money on these products that don't work or provide a temporary fix. To save you time and money, I will skip directly to the steps to get the job done.

Remove your sink drain stopper.

You may want gloves for this one. Place a bowl underneath the drain pipes to catch any water. Then reach under the sink and unscrew the faucet coupling nut. You should then be able to remove the pop-up ball rod. Now you should be able to remove the stopper. Be sure to save the tiny gaskets that prevent water from leaking out. Clean off hair, toothpaste, and gunk from the stopper and dispose of the nastiness in a garbage can. With the stopper removed and a bowl underneath the drain pipes to catch any leaking water, you can test the drain to determine if this solves the issue. If the problem is resolved, you can reassemble the drain stopper components, double-check for leaks, and go about your day! If this does not resolve the problem, I recommend calling a professional to evaluate the issue further.

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