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The Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis System

As W.H. Auden once said, “ Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water!”

Water is an essential part to our everyday life, without clean drinking water we can become significantly ill. A couple of the major issues that I have run into is that although we need to drink water it just doesn’t taste good or there are little floaty things in it. Well, we could just purchase bottled water, but that costs money and it creates more trash. What other options do I have? I know I need to drink clean water. That’s where an innovative product idea comes to mind, an Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis System. R.O. systems are an affordable and innovative way to have easy access to clean drinking water.

What does an Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis system do? An Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis or water purification system takes dirt, odors, VOC’s (chemicals that are liquid or solid that can easily evaporate into gases), and just makes your water taste a lot better. R.O. systems can remove up to 98% of organic materials from your water. Furthermore, they remove heavy metals and dissolved solids that are too small to be removed by a regular filter. They also get your water to the best drinkability possible by having your pH of your water raised to the 7.5 to 9.5 range.

With an Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis System, your drinking water is produced on the spot. You have it on hand whenever you want it. Just imagine clear ice cubes or water ready to use for your children or grandchildren. When you install an innovative water purification system such as the Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis System into your home you are installing a five step water purification system. The steps are as follows -

Step 1: Pre Sediment filter, which traps things like rust and dust that can be found in your water.

Step 2: Pre-carbon Filter, this takes most of the chemicals out of your drinking water like chlorine.

Step 3: 50 GPD Membrane, the two types, standard and High efficiency remove microorganisms, sediment and salinity (the salt and soil in the water).

Step 4: Calcite Filter, water goes through this filter after going through the membrane to make sure your water can be as clean as possible. It also brings the water to the proper pH of 7.5 to 9.5.

Step 5: Alkalizer, this is the last filter it goes through to give the water its final cleaning. It is also the step that gives your water that fresh spring water taste, by reintroducing the beneficial minerals.

Overall, this system offers yummy, safe and healthy water that you can cook, clean and put into your body without having to worry about what’s in it.

That brings to mind a question. How much does a Standard Reverse Osmosis System cost versus an Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis System? A standard Reverse Osmosis system cost between $100 to $1,000, this does not include the labor. Labor costs between $300 to $700. When I install the system for you I charge $595.00 which includes the new Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis system and labor! Remember me when you are thinking of installing a new water purification system.

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