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How to Clear a Clogged Toilet with an Auger

When a toilet becomes clogged, it can be a major inconvenience. Depending on the severity of the clog, you may have to call in a handyman or plumber or take matters into your own hands and try to clear it using a tool like a toilet auger. Here’s what you need to know about using an auger and how it can help eliminate that pesky clog.

What Is an Auger?

A toilet auger is a long, flexible cable designed to be inserted into the toilet bowl to reach down into the drain and break up any blockages causing the clog. The auger has a crank handle at one end, and a head at the other made up of either plastic or metal material. It looks like an old-fashioned corkscrew but is much longer in length.

How to Use an Auger Safely

When using an auger, safety should always be your top priority. Start by putting on protective gloves and eyewear, as there may be bacteria or even pieces of glass in the bowl. Ensure you are not standing directly over the bowl while using the auger, which could cause exposure if something goes wrong. Be careful not to let the metal parts of the auger scratch your toilet. Also, never force the auger into place; turn it slowly until it reaches its full depth (about 3 feet).

Using Your Auger

Once you have prepared yourself for safety and have appropriately positioned your body, insert the head of the auger into the bowl of your toilet near where it meets with the drain pipe beneath it. Turn your crank handle clockwise until you feel resistance from whatever is causing your clog before turning counterclockwise to break up whatever debris is in there. Then continue turning clockwise until you feel no more resistance and pull out your auger slowly from inside the bowl; whatever was blocking up your drain should now be dislodged enough for water to flow freely again!

Using an auger can be intimidating, but proper preparation and knowledge of how they work can save you time and money compared to calling in professional help! Always take all necessary safety precautions, such as protective gear, before attempting anything alone. Try using hot water first, and consider trying a plunger before reaching for an auger, as this could easily dissolve most organic matter blockages without resorting to more extreme measures! Also, remember not to force any tools into your toilet (especially those made out of metal) as this could cause further damage or injury - so take care when handling them! With these tips in mind, clearing stubborn clogs should become much easier!

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